Chemical Exposure

Hazardous chemicals can pose serious harm to those exposed. Numerous chemical injuries can occur at the workplace, such as in a factory, on a construction job site, or within an oil rig, or even in commercial environments such as retail spaces, automotive mechanic shops, and other places. The subtle nature of toxic chemicals can be detrimental to the health of those who have been exposed for a prolonged period of time.

If your company is facing a lawsuit alleging fault in an instance of chemical exposure, it’s crucial to seek legal representation that will fight back. The experienced team of attorneys at Gausnell, O’Keefe & Thomas, LLC have represented numerous companies in toxic tort situations, and can help you, too. We’ll work to ensure your payout is minimized or completely eliminated. Contact us today to get started.

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What is Toxic Chemical Exposure?

Dangerous chemicals can cause serious lung injury, lung disease, cancer, gastrointestinal issues, and substantial burns, among many others. The harmful substances can be inhaled, ingested, or touched, resulting in medical complications. Since many chemical exposures occur within the workplace, it is possible an employee or visitor will wrongfully accuse your company. With expert chemical exposure attorneys on your side working to locate discrepancies in their claims, a favorable outcome can be achieved.

Chemical Exposure in the Workplace

Companies in the construction, industrial sectors, and even retail or other commercial spaces often handle dangerous chemicals every day. Although you implement safety regulations to protect your workers, such as protective gear, intensive training, and high quality equipment, employees may not always comply. It’s possible that their mishandling of toxic substances led to injury or illness, even though the exposure occurred at your facilities.

Toxic chemicals commonly found in workplaces include, but are not limited to:

  • Sodium and calcium hypochlorite: The main components of bleaches and ammonia
  • Hydrochloric acid: Found in metal, stone, and pool cleaners
  • Sulfuric acid: Used in fertilizer, drain cleaners, and car battery fluid
  • Potassium and sodium hydroxide: Found in dentures and oven cleaners
  • Petroleum hydrocarbon: Substance found in the oil field

Employees should know their risk when working in certain industries, such as construction, oil, mining, and others. The easy route for them is to accuse their employer for exposing them each day, resulting in illness or injury. However, their false claims can be brought to light with the assistance of successful attorneys.

Potential Defenses Against Toxic Exposure Lawsuits

Those that file lawsuits against their employers believe they deserve substantial compensation for their own misconduct. Our attorneys pursue defenses against such claims to minimize your damages, allowing you to return to business as usual. Examples of innovative and effective defenses against toxic tort claims such as chemical exposures can include:

  • Plaintiff fails to prove causation. In this situation, the plaintiff claims that your company’s actions caused them to be wrongfully exposed to harsh chemicals, but doesn’t have the evidence to support it.
  • Assumption of risk. When a claimant states that your company allegedly failed to warn them of the job’s potential chemical exposures, an assumption of risk defense shows that they were adequately forewarned.
  • Statute of limitations. States uphold a time period of varying lengths whereby lawsuits must be filed. If the plaintiff misses the deadline, the lawsuit won’t proceed.

Any lawsuit against a company can be detrimental. Downtime often occurs, slowing production, and payouts can bankrupt an organization. Regardless of your situation, you can be confident that the attorneys of Gausnell, O’Keefe & Thomas, LLC will fight for you.

Seek Representation from a Chemical Exposure Lawyer Now

At Gausnell, O’Keefe & Thomas, LLC, we always have your best interests in mind. We work to protect your rights against chemical exposure claims and secure a favorable outcome. No two toxic substance cases are the same, which is why we strive to bring innovative and effective solutions to your legal matter. Our decades of trial experience and deep industry knowledge have allowed us to achieve positive results for numerous clients. If your company has been wrongly accused of exposing an employee or visitor to harmful chemicals, contact us today for sound advice and representation.


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