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At Gausnell, O’Keefe & Thomas, LLC, we have extensive experience representing those deemed the “defendant” in car accident cases and responding on behalf of insurance companies to individuals filing claims against their own policies for uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage. We know these cases can be stressful and are becoming more and more dangerous to handle. Our automobile liability attorneys in St. Louis strive to ensure every client understands their rights and achieves an outcome that protects the insured and minimizes exposure to the carrier.

Our attorneys know all aspects of automobile liability law. We provide strategic guidance when handling cases and representing our clients in court if necessary. We’re familiar with the tactics used by advertising personal injury attorneys and use that knowledge to achieve favorable outcomes.

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Gausnell, O’Keefe & Thomas, LLC’s Transportation Practice Group routinely handles matters in both Missouri and Illinois. Our transportation attorneys are committed to mobilizing immediately to perform, preserve and document physical evidence, to inspect the vehicles and download all event data recorders, and to work with the response team when time is critical. We frequently defend cases when the first notice may be the lawsuit. Our attorneys are equipped to identify cases that are suitable to early resolution through direct negotiations or alternative dispute resolution.

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What is Automobile Liability?

Automobile liability is a legal term for determining who is financially responsible for damages and injuries caused by a car accident. The laws regarding automobile liability vary from state to state. Generally, they involve negligence or fault-based theories such as comparative negligence, contributory negligence, joint and several liability, and right-of-way laws.

It’s best to seek legal advice following an auto accident, especially if multiple parties are involved. The attorneys of Gausnell, O’Keefe & Thomas have the knowledge and experience needed to handle your case confidently.

The Automobile Liability Cases We Handle

At Gausnell, O’Keefe & Thomas, LLC, we handle third-party and first-party actions in automobile liability cases. Third-party actions describe matters between two individuals where one accuses another of injury or property damage, and the party being sued is typically defended by their own insurance company to whom they have paid premiums for just that coverage. First-party actions involve individuals claiming against their own policy for uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage. In either instance, that is where we get involved, responding on behalf of the party being sued to injury claims.

Our attorneys will work to build a strong case and fight for our clients’ rights in both situations. We have years of experience representing insureds and their insurance companies and are skilled negotiators striving to achieve favorable results.

Third-Party Actions

In car accidents, one party is the “plaintiff,” that is, the party bringing the claim, and another is the “defendant,” the party or parties accused of causing the accident. At Gausnell, O’Keefe & Thomas, our attorneys have experience representing defendants in third-party actions. We understand the nuances of liability law, including:

  • Comparative negligence: A legal concept stating that when two parties are liable for an accident, each is only responsible for the percentage of the damages they caused
  • Contributory negligence: A legal term stating that a party could be partially liable if their actions or conduct contributed in any way to the accident
  • Joint and several liability: A legal concept that states two or more parties can be liable for all damages caused by an accident, even if one caused only a portion of the damage
  • Right-of-way rules: Laws dictating who has priority when two or more vehicles approach an intersection simultaneously

We provide strategic legal advice to our clients, utilizing our many years of trial experience and deep knowledge of liability law to build a strong case. We’ll fight for your rights in court if necessary, and ultimately we will do everything we can to zealously protect the rights and assets of the clients we represent.

First-Party Actions

Insurance companies need an experienced attorney to respond to claims brought by their insureds against their own uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage policy. Our automobile liability attorneys in St. Louis represent insurance companies in first-party actions, and we understand how to deal with the complexities of these cases, including responding to and properly addressing “bad faith” litigation.

Our team has successfully advised clients in responding properly and thoroughly to bad faith and timed policy limit demands, we are familiar with the plaintiff’s lawyers’ tactics and traps and can give insurance companies counsel on how best to address these claims. Next, our team will assess the facts of each case and develop an aggressive and sound legal strategy. GOT Law will negotiate a favorable resolution, work with experts to build a strong case and represent defendants in court if needed.

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Our founders believe the best way to achieve successful outcomes is through hard work, industry knowledge, and hands-on experience. We value professionalism, proficiency, and performance and strive to provide clients with innovative and effective legal solutions.

With decades of trial experience and hundreds of automobile liability cases tried, our St. Louis transportation liability attorneys possess the skills clients value and consistently achieve positive results. We’re your team if you seek quality representation in automobile liability cases.

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