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Congratulations to Lori Martin Schweickert for being recognized by Missouri Lawyers Weekly in their special edition honoring “Unsung Legal Heroes.”

Lori has been singled out as one of Gausnell, O’Keefe & Thomas’ “Legal Secretary Rock Stars,” and we congratulate her on her 33-year career working as a legal administrative assistant. Lori is one of the firm’s most trusted, loyal, and hard-working legal assistants, and has been Bill Thomas’ right-hand person for almost 30 years.

Bill describes Lori as “never failing, always reliable, and with such a passion and energy for what she does. It is in her nature to want the job done right and with no mistakes.” Lori takes so much pride in her work. Day in and day out, her work ethic is evident in everything she does, from understanding that everyone’s job is customer service, to managing a busy trial docket for her attorneys. Whether she is on vacation, or it is well into the evening, if Bill needs something covered, or a question answered, Lori will jump on it without complaint. He notes, “I am not sure I could have gotten where I am professionally without her help and dedication. I attribute much of my success to her constant support and work ethic. She deserves this award and, frankly, should have received it every year for the last 30.”

When asked about the best career advice she has received, Lori states, “From day one I was lucky to have great mentors. Paying attention to detail and doing whatever you can to help the lawyers produce accurate and valuable work to obtain the best result for the client.” Lori has lived these ideals and it shows, she is dedicated to providing the best work product, without fail, and allowing her lawyers to sleep at night knowing that deadlines and due dates are fully in hand.

Lori is truly a professional, and so well deserving of this recognition for her efforts. Congratulations to Lori for being such a superstar!

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